April 12, 2008:  Production of SmartyChart? is temporarily on hold.  We are searching for a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process, so that we may pass the savings on to you!  Estimated delivery date is not known at this time, however if you would like to be added to our Waiting List, please click here to submit your order information.  We will contact you as soon as SmartyChart? becomes available.  Thank you for your interest and your patience!


Reminders & Rewards for Great Days & Inspiring Ways!

is a DIFFERENT Responsibility Chart for Kids.
Your kids won?t give up on THIS one ? it?s fun, EASY, and they have control!  SmartyChart!? was created by a mom because she couldn?t find it ?all? anywhere else! Look no further for ALL the features you need:

  • You can stop repeating yourself!  Just say, "Go check your SmartyChart!?" instead of a long list of "Did you do...?!" 's.

  • Happy, friendly, colorful pictures to keep it light and fun - great also for visual learners!

  • Morning, Afternoon & Bedtime Routines are clear - everything they have to do is visible and in sequence!

  • When complete, kids place icons in the All Done area - icons are still visible to add a sense of accomplishment!

  • Satisfying Velcro? riiip sound accompanies the completion of a chore - great for auditory & tactile learners!

  • Side Job area gives kids control - they choose the job they want to do - new job(s) each day or one for the whole week! Creative and FUN ?jobs? are options here too - encouraging kids to use their imagination daily!

  • It's not just a "chore" chart - the My Behavior section integrates behavior management!  Good behavior counts, so kids have incentive to stay on "green!"

  • The Goal Area provides ideas and motivation - and keeps the chosen goal highlighted all week.

  • The Score Card keeps track of daily progress - kids and parents can review what areas need work at the end of the week!

  • Kids get excited to move their Runner closer to the (parent-determined) Finish Line each day!

  • Name, weekly date, and daily scores are written in easily with an attached dry-erase marker - so it's right there when you need it!

  • Goal IOU's are provided to remind parents of goals-to-be-delivered!


What They're Saying!

?This chart is fantastic!  Students light up when they understand expectations and can collaborate towards a goal.  Here's a superior chart that is eye-catching to kids with its game-board like appeal, and useful to families, classroom teachers and specialists alike. Thanks for a very special product!?
Margaret Millette-Loomis, MS CCC/SLP, CEIS & mom
of two, Cape Cod, MA

?My daughter gets so excited when she can move her tasks to the All Done side. She has even asked if she could do MORE chores! It is simple enough for my 4 1/2 year old to understand and will grow with her as her responsibilities increase.?
Lindsay Willis, BSED, MI, former kindergarten teacher & mom of two, Fair Hill, MD

?My 3 year old loves this! She can easily follow this chart without having to read.  All the ones I find are for readers. I also love how the end total can vary ? this makes it adjustable for kids of different age groups. It?s a reward chart for kids of all ages!?
Leigh Hermey, mom of three, Rutherford, NJ

?It shows the kids exactly where they stand each day.  LOVE the Velcro? feature for each task - no need to worry about the kids mis-aligning magnets!  Very child user-friendly; the colorful pictures are perfect for children who can't yet read.  Exactly what we've been looking for!? 
Kelli Karlton, mom of three, Oxford, PA

?I love this chart because it manages the daily grind while also managing behavior?but the biggest plus is the ownership that the kids have over it?such as when they are choosing their own side job and goal!?
Heather Einstein, BS Early Childhood Development & Education, Mom of three, West Chester, PA

?Visual, positive, rewarding, sequential, empowering, EASY, fun, customizable?great for all ages, establishes routine & lifelong skills, reinforces behavioral expectations?what more can I say? It?s a fantastic tool. Nothing out there can do all of this!?
Mary DeMott, BS Elementary & Special Education, aunt of two, Wilmington, DE

Want to be one of the first families to try out SmartyChart!??  Please call Kerri Nagy at 302.598.2592 for more information about purchasing a beta version.

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