Welcome to Four-Eyed Chameleon--a smart, versatile graphic design company.  Our mission is to provide you with creative, quality material along with the very best service.  Try us once, and we're convinced you'll call us again.


Like a chameleon, we adapt to the environment we're given.  If your company identity or personal style is serious and conservative...or loud and hip...the design we create for you will match it.  In addition, our experience gives us the perspective to be refreshingly unique.

Four-Eyed Chameleon offers the following services:
  • graphic design
    • corporate identity / logos
    • business cards / letterhead
    • brochures / direct mail
  • print advertising
    • photo editing
    • image illustration
    • layout
    • copy writing / editing
  • concept research / branding
    • artistic / strategic discussion
  • website design
    • development / layout
    • web graphics


Remember, if you don't see what you're looking for here, please discuss it with us...chances are The Chameleon can adapt!


Four-Eyed Chameleon is owned and operated by Kerri Whittaker, creative director.  Click here for a look at Kerri's resume online - or download the PDF version.


Please browse our samples to see what we have done in the past.  Contact us anytime with questions or for a free estimate.  Thank you for visiting Four-Eyed Chameleon.


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